Welcome to my new photo series: A River Runs with Her.  

In 2016 I'll travel to meet women and girls in communities on the Mekong River - from the source in the Upper Tibetan Plateau in China to the Delta in Viet Nam. We'll talk about their lives, past, present and future. We'll talk about their views on critical issues including education, food security, health, the economy, employment and their environment.  

We'll also talk about gender equality, at at time when women's rights and wellbeing are at the core of our future development. The global community has set a clear agenda for women's development and equality - what do women think?  

The Mekong River is many things to many people - water, food, energy and income. It’s a rapidly changing ecosystem that links cultures and communities across six countries. Women in these communities represent diverse cultures, the most ancient traditions and modern practices.  Some are from minority cultures that struggle to keep their stories and their history alive. Many have seen their communities change as the region’s economies grow. 

Every week I'll publish a new photo story - women's stories in images and their words, sometimes with sound and video. My plan is to visit each community at least twice this year so I can share the photographs and feedback with the women I meet. 

It's an honour to have this time to travel,  meet so many women and help tell their stories. 

I encourage everyone to have a read, have a think, have a view! Looking forward to connecting with you on A River Runs with Her