Photo by Cameron Julie 

Christine McNab

I'm a Canadian living in Bangkok, and have  studied, worked, and travelled all over the world. 

 I've led global health communication efforts; been a TEDMED speaker, conceptualised and driven artistic projects; designed and secured millions of dollars for technical vaccination programs; written articles, technical guides and blogs;  made and published a lot of pictures; and created a few videos. 

My first degree was in journalism from Carleton in Ottawa. Following graduation, I worked as a television and radio journalist, producer, and announcer in Canada and covered business, health, social justice, aboriginal and environmental issues for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Together with reporting stories, I initially did my own camera work for television and sound gathering and editing for radio. Since then, I've loved working on multimedia stories that  stimulate the brain, eyes, ears and heart.

My next degree was a Master's in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, where I focussed a lot of study on China.  

In 2000, I began work at the World Health Organization and led communications for the polio eradication program. After three years as part of one of the best teams in global health, I joined the Director's General's Office, where I spent 5 years as the head of WHO's communications. It was a time of intense change in global health and I worked on issues including SARS, avian influenza, the "3X5" HIV treatment movement, medicines and intellectual property, and the growing noncommunicable disease epidemic.  I managed a large team and a multimillion dollar budget and created WHO's first Department of Communications. 

In 2008 I left Geneva and its relative comfort so that I could work in the field, and get closer to the people affected by health and development policy. It was the best decision of my life.  My work has since taken me to many countries, including Australia, India, Lao PDR, Latvia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal,  Nigeria, Rwanda, the Philippines, Switzerland, the United States and Thailand, where I live now.  

I've had the privilege to work with inspiring leaders and communities on technical, communication, advocacy and creative projects. In addition to communication and advocacy, I've gained technical expertise in immunization, research, social mobilization and community engagement, program design and social media. 

My early love for multimedia storytelling has grown into a love for photography, and I'm now focussed on photography projects around the world.  

When I'm not working I enjoy books, films and music. Katherine Boo's Behind the Beautiful Forevers is a miracle in journalism and storytelling. Sarah Polley's revelationary documentary, Stories We Tell, shows how seemingly simple lives have surprising depth and secrets. I admire Laura Marling's Once I was an Eagle for the singer's expressive voice and ability to create such texture from one guitar.  I admire the brave vision and photographs of Sebastião Salgado, Stephanie Sinclair, Carol Guzy and Paul Nicklen. 

I love traveling and have visited dozens of countries. Currently, I'm blessed to live in a beautiful, warm part of the world, but am equally comfortable in a toque and gortex, walking on the snow in my beloved Canada. 

I believe every one of us is equal. I also believe each of us can be better if we try to live the examples set by Malala, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kathleen Hanna, Diana Nyad, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.